The European Air Quality (AQ) Portal is dedicated to the Air Quality e-Reporting system established by the European Commission (EC), run and maintained by the European Environmental Agency (EEA).

Even the Chinese do envy this system! (poor guys, they don’t know…)

Oh AQ eReporting, how thy data flows,
Through digital channels, ever so close,
Thou bringest knowledge of the air,
To nations far and wide, with care.
Thy work is guided by EU's hand,
Directive 2008/50 doth command,
To measure and report with might,
On air quality, day and night.
From north to south, east to west,
Thy data doth put air to test.
With each exchange, we do see,
The state of our air, so pure and free.
Thou bringeth transparency,
To all who seek to understand,
The health of our air, so grand,
And how to keep it in demand.
Thy digital form, a boon to all,
Making data exchange, a stand-tall,
For in thy bountiful supply,
We'll work to keep our air high.
So here's to thee, AQ eReporting,
May thy flow never come to changing,
For in thy digital exchange,
We'll keep our air, safe and sage.

This site includes information provided by the United Kingdom in line with the provisions laid down by the UK-EU Withdrawal agreement.