This new European Air Quality (AQ) Portal is replacing the old version of the portal. This last one is not maintained and updated anymore.

The Portal is dedicated to the Air Quality e-Reporting system established by the European Commission (EC) and run by the European Environmental Agency (EEA).

It is sub-divided into 6 sections:

  • The ‘News‘ section presents the posts and news which have been published after 18th May, date of the last post on the old portal.
  • The ‘Reporters’ corner‘ section summarises and allow access to the different tools and documents necessary for the official national data reporters within the participating countries to perform their reporting tasks. More generally, it offers a deep insight into the system and how it operates.
    The section is sub-divided into 9 categories illustrated by specific icons.
Commission guidance
Documents elaborated by the European Commission, describing in details data and information to be reported. How is your submission aggregated
Document decribing how data (measured values) are aggregated to generate statistics.
Formatting your submission
Documents describing how data should be organised and structured within XML files, format to be used in the frame of the AQ eReporting.Follow and verify your submission and its processingPresenting a set of tools which allow to verify the proper functioning of the system once the necessary files have been delivered, once a year, to the EEA. It includes an integrated package with the main elements to be taken into consideration for follow-up.
Using PaPeRS, the tool to generate files for plans and programmes (H to K)Reporting on plans and measures can also be done using a specific software called PaPeRS developed by JRC-Ispra. This sub-section contains all necessary links to understand its functioning and how to download it.Follow and verify your UTD submissionsPresenting a set of tools which allow to verify the proper functioning of the system once up-to-date or near real time data, reported every hour, have been delivered to the EEA.
Submit your files
Providing details on how to submit the different XML files and where to deliver/upload them.Meetings
IPR Technical meeting supporting the implementation of the Air Quality e-Reporting system are organised on a regular basis. The sub-section also contains details on other meetings focusing on specific aspects of the system and organised by the EEA.
Quality checks of your submissionDescribing the different quality checks which the submitted files have to comply with. This also includes the check and validation of zone geometries.
  • The ‘Users’ corner section gives access to the different tools and viewers to visualize the data and information transmitted by the participating countries
    The section is sub-divided into 8 categories illustrated by specific icons.
UpToDate data
Graphical/map viewer and table viewers based on the up-to-date or near real time data (data flow E2a).Plans and programmes
Information on plans and measures implemented by the EU Member States in metadata tables (data fows H, I, J and K. Also includes cross-analysis between plans and measures implemented and the compliance status (data flows H-G and K-G).
Statistical data
Graphical and map viewer based on (primarily) validated data (data flow E1a) and related meta-data table (data flow D).Download data
Download measurement validated or up-to-date data data flows (data flows E1a and E2a).
Modelled data
Map viewer based on modelled data (data flow E1b) and related meta-data table (data flows D1b/E1b).In testing phase (protected)
Viewers and/or data tables accesible for testing only. Not to be used for analysis.
Attainment data
Graphical and map viewers on zones status in relation with the air quality standards fixed by the EU AQ Directive. Also includes related metadata tables (data flows B, C and G).Other items
Other EEA products based on AQ eReporting data.
  • The ‘Links‘ section gives links to the website of bodies and/or programs collaborating with or contributing to the AQ eReporting system. 

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